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Posted on October 15th, 2021 by Mairead

At the beginning of my hair loss journey I didn't have anyone who could give me advice or show me what to do when the majority of my hair fell out. I didn't know the Trichology of hair or how to fix my hair loss, my hair journey took patience, commitment and consistency.

Hair loss is one of the most stressful things I have ever been through in my life and anyone who has suffered it knows how it affects every aspect of your life.

Remember, It takes just one step in the right direction and then you take the next step and before you know it, you've walked a mile and achieved more than you thought was even possible all from small steps. It is never too late to start again.

I have spent years and a lot of money trying everything and anything available and I will only ever recommend and offer products that work. It is important to me that nobody ever feels alone in this and that you have the support and knowledge to help you on your hair journey.

Mairead - Owner of Grow Infatuate

Every Hair is Precious ? x